Cordless battery Miratech rivet tool for 3/16 & 1/4 (4.8 & 6.4mm) diameter rivets in all alloys.  Powerful and light, our new MIR-3 can set Magnalok rivets in seconds.  Average of 350 rivets per charge. Sold with 2x 18V/4.4 Ah batteries, 1 charger and a  case.

For any type of blind rivet in any material up to a 1/4” diameter: Magna-Lok, Monobolt, Farbolt, Hemlok, TAMP, Au-to-Bulb, Hucklok.

Power: 4200 psi

Our MIR-3 is a perfect cordless riveter for production, garages or fleet maintenance.

Weight: 4.562 lbs with battery (2,07 kg)

Product properties

Brand : Miratech
Rivet Tool category : Battery (Cordless)


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