The versatile Huck Magna-Lok® is the industry standard for blind rivets.

Wide grip range: Accommodates large variations in joint thickness
Structural fastener: High shear & tensile strength
Excellent gap closure capability
Outstanding hole filling on the blind side: Excellent joint tightness and very resistant to water ingress
Flush pinbreak: No catching on clothes, skin or goods. Quick and easy visual inspection
Internal pin locking mechanism: Secure within the rivet body and protected from corrosion
Headstyles: Protruding, truss, countersunk
Materials: Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium

Huck_Magna-Lok Brochure

Product properties

Brand : Huck
Rivet Type : Structural, Blind (POP style)
Rivet compatible with: : Rivit Rivet Tools, Marson Rivet tools, Huck Rivet tools
Rivet diameters : Diameter under 3/8'' (10mm), 3/16'', 3/8'', 1/4''
Product Material : Steel, Stainless, Aluminum
Product Applications : Trailers, Industrial Manufacturing, Railways or Rail Equipment, Construction, Trucks

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