The Huck Floortight® has been specifically designed for use in vehicle flooring applications.

Self countersinking head: Ideal for use on timber flooring and phenolic faced plywood
Superior strength to conventional flooring screws: Reduces the number of fasteners required and number of drilled holes
3 Clamp strengths available to suit your joint. No crushing or pulling through the board
Recessed pinbreak: No catching on clothes, skin or goods
Wide grip range: Accommodates a large variation in
joint thicknesses
Headstyles: Standard flange and wide flange
Materials: Steel


Product properties

Brand : Huck
Rivet Type : Blind (POP style)
Rivet compatible with: : Huck Rivet tools
Rivet diameters : Diameter under 3/8'' (10mm)
Product Material : Steel
Product Applications : Railways or Rail Equipment, Trailers