The C6L is the original Huck Bolt design.  Lockbolt composed of 2 components: a pin and a collar. Used commonly in complex mechanical structures that require high mechanical values.

Wide flange collar available: Enables installation into non metallic materials
Pin head style: Brazier, truss, countersunk, specific headstyle for palisade fencing
Collar style: Standard, flanged, wide flanged and low profile
Materials: Steel, stainless steel, aluminium

C6L Brochure 2019

C6L Video

Product properties

Brand : Huck
Rivet Type : Structural
Rivet compatible with: : Huck Rivet tools, Rivit Rivet Tools
Rivet diameters : Diameter under 3/8'' (10mm)
Product Material : Aluminum, Stainless, Steel
Product Applications : Construction, Industrial Manufacturing, Mining equipment or structures, Railways or Rail Equipment, Trailers, Trucks