Designed to overcome inherent weaknesses with standard lockbolts, the BobTail has no pin-tail and as a result of this zero pin-break, no waste material to collect and dispose of or potential corrosion issues post installation. The lightweight, low-noise, low-maintenance tooling, which can be used for both installing and removing fasteners, provides a smooth, shock-free, speedy installation sequence i.e. two seconds for a 16mm diameter fastener – twice as fast as any other large diameter lockbolt on the market. As a result, no torque or impact is transferred to the operator.



Product properties

Brand : Huck
Rivet Type : Structural
Rivet compatible with: : Huck Rivet tools
Rivet diameters : Diameter over 1/2'' (12mm), Diameter under 3/8'' (10mm), 5/8'', 3/16'', 3/8'', 3/4'', 1/4''
Rivet Tool category : Hydraulic
Product Material : Stainless, Aluminum, Steel
Product Applications : Trailers, Mining equipment or structures, Industrial Manufacturing, Railways or Rail Equipment, Construction, Trucks