Huck 940



The Model 940 POWERIG® is a portable unit sized for moderate production and repair applications. This unit features rugged construction for durability in the field, and the choice of 115 or 220 Volt AC power. The Model 940 includes a handle for easy transport, simple adjustable hydraulic outputs and quick-connect couplers for connecting installation tool hoses.


Width:10.5 in.
Height:18 in.
Weight:74.5 lbs. operational, 66 lbs. w/o hydraulic fluid
Power:electric, 115 or 220 volts, single phase
Flow Rate:70 cu. in./min. @ 5,000 psi
Reservoir Capacity:1.5 gallons
Options: 220V, 60/50 hertz single phase, 250VDC, direct current

Product properties

Brand : Huck
Rivet compatible with: : Huck Rivet tools
Rivet diameters : Diameter over 1/2'' (12mm), Diameter under 3/8'' (10mm)
Rivet Tool category : Hydraulic
Product Applications : Construction, Industrial Manufacturing, Mining equipment or structures, Railways or Rail Equipment, Trailers, Trucks