Automatic feed riveting tool designed for rivets of diameters from 1/8” to 3/16” in all alloys (3.2mm to 5.0mm).  The automatic feed riveting tool is equipped to place one size of rivet selected by customer. Kits for other sizes can be supplied on request.  Can set 23-24 rivets per minute.  No handling from the user.

Total weight: 70 Kgs
Riveting unit weight: 2,6 Kgs
Maximum force: 15470 N (6 bar)
Air consumption with stand-by machine: 230 Nl/min
Air consumption with working machine: 565 Nl/min
Air consumption with riveting machine: 35 Nl/cycle
Length of supply lines: 1,5 m
Operating pressure: (6 ÷ 7) bar
Voltage: 220 V / 50 Hz
Riveting cycles with no rivets loaded: ~ 17 pcs/min
A-weighted emission sound pressure level (A): 80 dBA
Root mean square in total acceleration frequency (Ac) to which the arms are subjected: 1,4 m/s2
Working temperature: +5° / +40°
Hoses length: 2,5 m


Product properties

Brand : FAR
Rivet Tool category : Automatic Riveter

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