SAB83STR Miratech Mir-Lock blind structural rivet


The SAB83STR is a Mir-Lock serie blind structural in 1/4” (6.4mm) diameter.  Made in Steel, this rivet is designed for an installation with a wide secondary head.  The SAB83STR is designed for high mechanical values in tension, shear and fatigue.  High clamping force is also a great feature of this rivet.

Body Material: Steel with zinc coating

Mandrel Material: Steel with zinc coating

Tension: 2000 lbs min.

Shear: 2800 lbs min.

Recommended hole size: .261-.275” (6.6-7.5mm)

Recommended rivet tool: RAC171, RAC3000

Product properties

Brand : Miratech
Rivet Type : Blind (POP style)


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