MGLP-B8-6 Huck Howmet Magna-Lok rivet


The Huck Magna-Lok is a versatile, hole filling fastener that can be installed with conventional installation tools. It has a unique circle-lock feature, allowing a simple visual inspection to ensure it is installed properly, 100% of the time. Unlike competitive blind structural rivets, the Magna-Lok doesn’t require a special nose-piece insert in order to be properly installed; the locking mechanism has been engineered into the fastener eliminating tooling and operator error. Magna-Lok is moisture-resistant.


Body material: Aluminum

Mandrel material: Aluminum

Body diameter: .250” (6.4mm)

Grip range: .080-.375” (2.0-10.0mm)

Recommended hole: .261-.272” (17/64”)


Product properties

Brand : Huck


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